X-Axis Arm Kit

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Upgrade X-Arm kit for the Ormerod 3d Printer


X-Axis Arm Kit

Our upgrade X-axis arm kit for the RepRapPro “Ormerod” Mk1 or Mk2 3D printers.


This kit gets rid of the flimsy and easily broken acrylic sheet arm and reinforcing rib, making the printer much more stable.


They are precision CNC machined from 5mm aluminium sheet and are a direct replacement for the original item, fitting usually takes around an hour as a fair amount of disassembly and reassembly is required.


Fitting may require a small file and /or emery cloth to remove any sharp edges if found.


It comes with four stainless steel socket-head screws, the fifth screw needed is already fitted on the machine and holds the Y-axis runner bearing.


No more cracked or bendy X-axis arm!


This kit is practically essential if you wish to run more than one extruder head or experiment with heavier, multi-colour heads.


Please note that this item will fit the Ormerod Mk2 printer directly, to fit it to the older Mk1 Ormerod optionally requires the printing of a small clip ( see here ) to help secure the extruder but this is not essential.


Widely accepted and recommended as an excellent upgrade by users on the RepRap forums.


These kits are made-to-order, dispatch can be 2-3 days.

13 reviews for X-Axis Arm Kit

  1. Joakim Nilsson

    Perfect upgrade for my Ormerod 2. When I installed this I also glued my X-arm bearing holders. Now my X-arm seems rock solid, I installed it some weeks ago and so far I have not needed to adjust my bed leveling once! Happily printing without bed compensation!
    Recommended buy!

  2. Peter

    Bought for Ormerod2 – vast improvement over the perspex one.

  3. Ray Carlson

    Works very well. I spent about an hour fettling and polishing the parts to improve the looks.
    Ray Carlson

  4. Stephen Robson

    A required upgrade. Also now the new designed X-carriage supplied from RepRap has the carriage bearing running along the bottom edge rather than the right side then take the time with a flat needle file to carefully draw file the laser cut edge giving the bearing a smooth surface on which to run.

  5. David Liddell

    A very well made addition. The only minor problem I had was no hexagonal cut out in the stiffening bar, my Ormerod was one of the first batch which had this. But I had already printed the modified drive support. This mod really stiffens the X axis.

  6. Michael Finegan

    Brought for ormerod 2. direct fit. Not done too much printing yet, but initial prints are looking better.

  7. Patrick

    Looks like a well made product, should generate more consistent results and a more sturdy printer once I manage to get it fitted! Recommended to all Omerod 2 owners.

  8. Olly

    First one I have bought, due to having two ormerod printers I think a second will be purchased soon. The original plastic part was a decision of price point for manufacturer but as a user having a company provide the opportunity to better the experience from the original part is awesome. Looking forward test it further.

  9. Humphrey

    I have been thinking about it for years for my Ormerod 1. Just recently did the deskew on the Y axis and it became clear the X axis was bending over. It was a bit painful to take apart but not as bad as I thought. After knocking off the SMD IR sensor on my height sensor and having to do my first SMD solder all is well and for the first time I need the adjustment to level the bed as the Aluminium arm is straighter.

  10. Mark McEvoy

    Nicely made with a great finish and already assembled. Delivery was quick and seriously packaged. Chuffed.

  11. Peter Goulden

    The acrylic arm on my Ormerod 2 broke while I was replacing the X idler so I was forced to make this upgrade. I’m glad I did. It’s a massive improvement. Much stronger and more stable. Seriously considering a second extruder now.

  12. DuncB

    The X-arm on my Ormerod2 was worn and damaged (5yrs of use) to the stage where the accuracy of the printer was no-longer good enough for what I needed. This was mainly due to the bearing wearing away the centre section of the arm from repeated travel. As the acrylic versions are now hard to source and expensive an Alu version seems sensible and the accuracy and neatness of the cuts seems great. Just waiting to print the final few replacement part to rebuild it fully but this is certainly a worthwhile improvement and upgrade.

  13. Harald Wagener

    I’m currently renovating an Ormerod 1 and the aluminum X arm is a fantastic piece of workmanship that’ll solve the problem of x arm sag once and for all. Perfectly machined, well put together, and a reasonable amount of custom bling (-;

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