Shelti Hanging Basket Bracket 1

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The Shelti hanging basket bracket depicts a classic pose for this friendly breed of dog. Our corner mounting option is available on this product in both the small and medium sizes.

Dimensions from the wall to the tip of the brackets are:-
Small – 200mm/8″, Medium – 300mm/12″, Large – 400mm/16″



Shelti Hanging Basket Bracket 1

The Shetland Sheepdog looks very much like a smaller version of a Rough Haired Collie and has the same luxuriously thick double coat. Over the years, these charming small dogs have found their way into the hearts and homes of many people both here in the UK and elsewhere in the world thanks to their delightful and loyal natures. Shelties are also very popular whenever they are exhibited in the show-ring both with judges and spectators thanks to their glorious coats and charming looks.

The breed was given their name of the Shetland Islands where they were first bred although it is worth noting that Shelties are also native to Orkney too. They are renowned for being wonderful companions and family pets although better suited to household with older children rather than toddlers. It is also worth noting that the Shetland Sheepdog sheds copiously throughout the year, only more so during the spring and the autumn.


The image used as a model for the bracket was found in a photo-library, the picture was tailored for use as a bracket and permission kindly granted for us to add it to our range.


The Shelti hanging basket bracket is a substantially built product that has been carefully and accurately cut with our computer controlled plasma cutting machine and hand finished. The bracket is mounted to an ornate, heavy wall plate that has three fixing holes, our corner mounting option is available on this product in both small and medium sizes. Check out the rest of our dog hanging basket bracket range.


Size Basket Weight
Small 200mm / 8″ 5kg
Medium 300mm / 12″ 15kg
Large 400mm / 16″ 20kg


The size is measured from the wall to the tip of the brackets:

For full finish options and dispatch times please see here.

Full installation instructions are listed here.

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  1. barry knapp

    Everything about the bracket is as described. The welds are neat and the finish is excellent and the thickness of the material makes it very sturdy. I belong to a collie rescue group and posted an image there and a number of people responded that they were interested as a gift for someone or for themselves. One thing that surprised me was the turn around time, I’ve ordered items here in the states that have taken 2-3 weeks and this only took 9 days. well done.

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