Goat Hanging Basket Bracket 1

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Goat Hanging Basket Bracket

Goats get high marks for their smarts. They’re every bit as intelligent as dogs and cats, and their interesting antics display a natural brilliance that you’d never think possible for a prey species. In fact, their adventurousness and creativity are so legendary that it gave rise to the term “capricious” to describe a lively, mercurial personality.


The image for this bracket was taken from a range of stock animal outlines, this was then tailored for use as a bracket.


The Goat hanging basket bracket is a substantially built product that has been carefully and accurately cut with our computer controlled plasma cutting machine and hand finished. The bracket is mounted to an ornate, heavy wall plate that has three fixing holes, our corner mounting option is available on this product in both small and medium sizes. Have a look at our other animal hanging basket brackets.


Size Basket Weight
Small 200mm / 8″ 5kg
Medium 300mm / 12″ 15kg
Large 400mm / 16″ 20kg


The size is measured from the wall to the tip of the brackets:

For full finish options and dispatch times please see here.

Full installation instructions are listed here.

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