Dalmatian Hanging Basket Bracket 1

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The Dalmatian hanging basket bracket highlights the wonderful coat on this active breed of dog. Our corner mounting option is available on this product in both the small and medium sizes.

Dimensions from the wall to the tip of the brackets are:-
Small – 200mm/8″, Medium – 300mm/12″, Large – 400mm/16″



Dalmatian Hanging Basket Bracket

Unique spots are the Dalmatian’s calling card, but his running ability is what made him famous. Bred to be a coaching dog, he ran alongside carriages or horseback riders for miles, discouraging stray dogs from interfering with the horses, alerting the coachman to the presence of approaching highwaymen, and guarding the carriage at rest stops. No fashionable lord or lady went driving without a pair of these flashy dogs by their side, and later the Dalmatian’s talents were adapted by firemen, who kept the dogs to clear paths through towns for their horse-drawn fire engines.


I searched around for a good image to use as a model for the bracket and finally found one on a breed-specialist website, this was then tailored for use as a bracket.


The Dalmatian hanging basket bracket is a substantially built product that has been carefully and accurately cut with our computer controlled plasma cutting machine and hand finished. The bracket is mounted to an ornate, heavy wall plate that has three fixing holes, our corner mounting option is available on this product in both small and medium sizes. Have a look at our other dog themed hanging basket brackets.


Size Basket Weight
Small 200mm / 8″ 5kg
Medium 300mm / 12″ 15kg
Large 400mm / 16″ 20kg


The size is measured from the wall to the tip of the brackets:

For full finish options and dispatch times please see here.

Full installation instructions are listed here.

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4 reviews for Dalmatian Hanging Basket Bracket 1

  1. Valerie Jackson

    I wanted a small bracket for a bird-feeder, when it arrived I couldn’t have been happier. The finish was lovely and well made. We will be getting some bigger ones for the baskets soon.

  2. Bev

    I had this given as a Christmas gift and this was one of the best gift I was give , the quality is fantastic, well worth the money

  3. Carole Craig

    Having bought from DD Metal Products before I was delighted to see this Dalmatian hanging basket. I bought the standard size and it is very robust suitable for most hanging baskets. My friend has a Dalmatian so what could be more perfect than this for her Christmas. Very high quality product, quick delivery, can highly recommend this firm .

  4. Heather Burrows

    Love my Dalamtion Hanging basket bracket, very well made and the delivery was also super quick.

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