A Dream Comes True Part 1


A Dream Comes True part 1


A Dream Comes True part 1

A Dream Comes True part 1 was my first book, part one of a two-part series following the building of a 3″ scale “Little Samson” steam tractor.

The engine itself started out as a set of raw castings, the metal stock that was needed had to be sourced and purchased separately as is common practice with large-scale model building. The full set of plans and castings are available from Little Samson Models.

I had very little equipment when I started the project and very little ‘real’ engineering experience having been an RC modeller, but I had always wanted a live steam traction engine and this seemed like a good place to start, the real deal being way beyond budget!

Reading is easy-going, there are no dimensions or plans, just descriptions of how I tackled each part, where I got it wrong and how I fixed it!

The book is A5 (210mm x 148mm) and has over 80 pages loaded with pictures.

The other part of a dream comes true is found in our other products section.


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