Traction Engines

Some pictures of the two traction engines I built. The 3″ model took 3 years to build and when finished was sold on without even being rallied to enable me to start the next project – the 6″ half-size build of the same engine. I chose the same model because at the time they were extremely rare – only a couple had been built, this rarity helped gain much attraction on the rally field at later events. Both engine builds were fully documented in my books, the 3″ here and the 6″ here.

The 6″ model weighed in at around 1000kg and was powerful enough to carry two adults and pull a few more on a trolley plus coal and water, it was also road registered. The build took me around 5 years to complete and was great fun to drive around the various rallies we attended. It was later sold on and can be seen at rallies in the south of England.

Do I miss them??? Oh yes!