Rose Trellis

Rose Trellis

Rose Trellis

An ornate rose trellis for a Mrs Brooks in Braintree, Essex, an elderly garden-lover who had a tall rose that was getting a bit unsteady in the wind!

We came up with this design.

The plasma-cut scrolled fern effect used in the planter stand we made was carried on upwards and a slim angle-iron frame with delicate scroll effect top piece was added to create a trellis support for the large rose that was tub-planted. The legs of the trellis went through the base of the tub and into a square frame thus making the whole tub, plant and trellis self-supporting.

Finished in primer and gloss-black as before.

The rose trellis panel stands around 6′ tall.

A second design and build from the customer that commissioned the planter stand here.

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