Fitting House Number Plaques

Fitting House Number Plaques

Fitting House Number Plaques

House Number Plaque

Fix the black mounting plate to the wall or other surface using suitable fixings, mark through the holes with a marker etc to avoid chipping the coating – only small screws are needed. Do not over-tighten the mounting screws – you do not want to bend the mounting plate. The heads of the screws must not be higher than the surface of the plate.

Countersunk screws, preferably rust proof are required – we recommend stainless steel or brass screws are used.

Always take the necessary safety precautions when drilling concrete and brickwork.

Wipe the face of the mount carefully with a soft, dry cloth or tissue to remove fingerprints, brick dust etc, do not use any solvents, cleaners or abrasives or the powder-coat will be damaged and the plate will eventually rust.

Make a dry-run with the plaque so you can judge how you will apply it finally, with the house numbers, the front plaque is the same size as the mount, for the logo plaques the most is 5mm bigger all round to give a border to the plaque when mounted.

Peel off the covers from the adhesive pads on the back of the plaque – a sharp knife can help here then very carefully align the plaque in front of the mounting plate, the pads are permanent so take care. When you are satisfied with the position, carefully push the plaque onto the mounting plate and press down to fix.