About Us

CRW_2862I have always had a passion for working with metal, and started my¬†adventure in 1999 when I embarked on building a 3″ scale model traction engine from a set of raw castings. I had no machinery and only a garden shed to work in.

A lathe was purchased and that was the start of an adventure in metal! The lathe was followed by a small bench-top milling machine which was followed by moving house, a bigger workshop, bigger machinery and ultimately reached the point where I was building a half-size steam traction engine and had amassed enough equipment to start a business venture РDD Metal Products was born.

Pictures of my engines can be found in the gallery along with some of my custom work. Our shop contains a line of “stock” products, these items can also be found on eBay and Amazon. Many times has our line of stock items led to a custom variation or size, if you can’t see what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to ask us for an alteration of modification.

At present, the maximum size sheet we can CNC plasma cut is 1250mm square, this is generous enough for any garden bracket or sign and our machines’ compact size allows us to focus on detail – something which many larger machines can not handle so well.

We can cut most types of steel, aluminium, stainless, brass etc, our “Rustics” line of themed brackets is made from a material called CorTen which is designed to rust but not decompose like plain steels do when exposed to the elements.

Our latest machine, a CNC laser engraver/cutter is proving itself now, we can make detailed engravings from pictures on slate, glass, plastic etc as well as cut perspex, paper, card and more.