Unique Decorative Ironwork for Home and Garden…

Looking for something special?

Today, almost everything we buy is mass produced, and the ability to create hand-crafted items of character and beauty is a dying art. But it’s alive and well here at DD Metal Products!

We take our customers’ ideas and bring them to life. From exquisitely engineered house numbers… to elegant hanging baskets… from a weather vane… to a wine rack… we make bespoke items that add personality to your home or garden.

Hanging Basket Brackets....

Our most popular creations are hanging basket brackets, planter stands, house number plaques, plus a whole range of unique decorative garden items. Yet our creativity is limited only by your imagination. If you can picture it, we can make it. Click the images below for a closer look.

Already know exactly want you want? Place your order now. Need a little inspiration? Take a look at our gallery, or borrow an idea from our range of stock items below and add your own twist. We can customise any of our standard designs to match your precise requirements.

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